Örebro, Sweden Introduces Digital Meeting Place Bus, Instructional Opportunity

The municipality of Örebro in Sweden now has a mobile digital meeting place which will introduce the benefits of digitization to its residents. Much like a bookmobile, the bus will travel around the municipality and nearby towns to provide residents with the opportunity to try different digital tools with the help of experienced instructors.

The bus is a collaboration between Trainstation, Discover by Örebro – which provides city employee training, and Mötesplats Väst. For the last four years, Trainstation has been a meeting place provided by the city for digitized lifelong learning. The city has noted that Trainstation promotes equality, with equal numbers of participants based on gender, age, and municipal districts – along with a number of people receiving employment after their training. Trainstation seeks to reduce digital segregation, with everyone receiving the same access to equipment & instructors; reduce equality and gender gaps; offer world-class modern training; create a positive environmental impact; and broaden all people’s digital activities.

“With the bus and the mobile digital workshop, we can now spread this work to even more Örebro residents. We know that this way of working evokes new dreams and concrete opportunities, and we want as many people as possible to have the chance to discover the possibilities of digitalisation. Without knowledge about digitalisation, there is a risk that we end up outside society, so this is important for both our own everyday lives, but also an issue for the development of Örebro and a democracy issue,” stated John Johansson, the mayor of Örebro.