Orbital Gas Systems and Keele University to Develop New Technology for Future Has Networks

CUI Global, Inc. recently announced its energy subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems has entered into a collaboration with Keele University in the United Kingdom to develop new technology for future gas networks. Orbital will open a satellite research and development facility at the Keele University Science and Innovation Park to work with the university’s Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project to develop new sensor technologies to support green gas monitoring and control.

Tony Wimpenny, Orbital’s Head of Research & Development, stated, “Orbital is ideally situated to Keele, both geographically and technologically, to provide the technology, expertise, support and exposure to the global gas industry throughout participation in the SEND project. We are excited about the benefits we can leverage from this collaboration.”

SEND is  a living laboratory which focuses on the testing and evaluation of new and evolving energy technologies terms of energy reduction, cost and CO2 emissions.

Head of Partnership Development at Keele University, Dr. Ian Madley, added, “We are thrilled to work with Orbital to develop new technologies suitable for future gas networks. Orbital’s engagement with SEND is a fantastic example of innovation delivering really tangible results for Keele University, industry and the broader U.K. economy, as well as major societal benefits. It puts Keele and our campus at the forefront of the new and more sustainable energy landscape.”

CUI Global President & CEO William Clough stated, “Our collaboration with Keele University and the SEND project fits perfectly with Europe’s strategy to cultivate and grow alternative energy sources.  Our participation will enable us to further develop our Future Billing Methodology Project, biomethane-to-grid solutions and other environmentally-friendly energy solutions throughout the U.K. and Western Europe. The Keele University collaboration will also enhance our relationships with some of the U.K.’s and Europe’s largest pipeline operators and energy providers, all of whom are looking for ways to efficiently, accurately and effectively deliver more ‘green gas’ alternatives. We are very excited about the recognition this relationship will bring us and to further enhance our technology advantage in the marketplace.”