NYC Mayor Creates Newly Interactive Biannual Management Report

The New York City Mayor’s Office is mandated by the City Charter to release a biannual management report which charts the performance of city agencies and programs, such as response times for New York’s 311 line, or accessibility to green space for the Department of Parks and Recreation. But, for the first time, the document is interactive. The Dynamic Mayor’s Management Report can be updated regularly and will feature a user-friendly interface to make it easier and more efficient to look up city data and perform comparisons to previous years.

“When it comes to city government, we need to put in place real-time systems to inspect what we expect, tracking how well we’re delivering services to New Yorkers, and identifying areas we need to improve,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

To support this document, the mayor signed an executive order directing every agency to appoint a chief performance officer, who will who will work with the chief efficiency officer and the Mayor’s Office of Operations, be in charge of developing performance metrics, and using data tools to measure those numbers. Adams also named Melanie La Rocca, a former city buildings chief, as the chief efficiency officer. In this newly created role, La Rocca will be tasked with “developing updated metrics to improve government transparency, performance and accountability” and “identifying opportunities to reduce regulations and streamline business processes.”

“Modernizing and democratizing the Mayor’s Management Report for the digital age marks a crucial step in making the city’s performance data more accessible, timely, and meaningful,” said Daniel Steinberg, director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations.