NYC Creates New Department of Sustainable Delivery to Regulate Urban Mobility

New York City has created a new municipal department – the Department of Sustainable Delivery – that will be responsible for regulating commercial delivery services that use two and three-wheeled micro mobility vehicles. Mayor Eric Adams stated that the department will be a “first-in-the-nation way to ensure that the next generation of mobility innovation works for our workers, our neighbors and our city.”

“Public safety is also about safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and delivery workers,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “New Yorkers welcome the future of transit and new electronic technologies – but we cannot have mopeds speeding down our sidewalks and forcing people to jump out of the way. We must also protect the drivers and delivery workers who show up for New Yorkers at all times of day and in all kinds of weather.”

The new department – which was created in response to the rise of e-bikes, mopeds, cargo bikes, and other nontraditional transportation modes on New York City streets and sidewalks – will prioritize safety while exploring the potential to expand the use of these new forms of transportation. It will also establish clear goals and guidelines for the future of delivery in New York City and consolidate work that is now spread out over multiple agencies.  

Meera Joshi, the city’s Deputy Mayor for Operations wrote on: “We all expect instant delivery of everything from food to furniture. We want biz to flourish and NYers access modern conveniences, but it’s time to bring order to our streets, for workers & residents. Department of Sustainable Delivery will help.”