New Mobility App In Sofia, Bulgaria Will Award To Pedestrians

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has gamified the sustainable mobility sector by launching a new app that will help residents track the distance they have travelled without a car, and then receive rewards for their contribution to cleaner air in the city. The app, named Sofia Coin, was developed by the INNOAIR project – an initiative funded by the EU Urban Innovative Actions to enable large European cities to test innovative and creative solutions to urban challenges. 

“Your city, your world – they need green energy. Alternative methods of getting around are that hidden force for cleaner air. Download, use, win … With the Sofia Coin app, each one of us is part of the change for a different and greener city.” – Dobromir Cholakov, manager of E-bike Rental.

Residents can use the app to track the distance they will commute and input the mode of transportation, choosing between using conventional bikes, e-scooters, e-bikes, public transportation, or walking. The app will then track both the distance travelled and the carbon emissions saved. The distance saved accumulates over time to unlock prizes, which range from bicycle gloves to concert tickets. Businesses, such as: Eventim, the biggest event ticket platform; Hobo and Brum, e-scooter operators in the city; E-bike rental; and A1 – the biggest telecommunications operator,  will  provide the prizes.

“Save yourself money for a ticket to a concert of your favorite band – use a bicycle, walk or any other alternative method that helps you think about your health, save money and have a good time” – Miroslav Emanoilov, CEO of Eventim for Bulgaria and Romania.

The city plans to use the data to map the most frequently used sustainable mobility routes – such as bike lanes – to better understand where maintenance and future growth is most in demand.