Nashville Launches New City Transportation Department

The city of Nashville, TN has created a new transportation department as part of the City’s plans to build a “21st century multimodal transportation network.”  The new Nashville Department of Transportation & Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) will work to enhance the Metro Nashville transportation network – focusing on useability and safety. 

“In a city on the move, we must keep our people on the move – safely and efficiently. We know what has to be done, because Nashvillians have told us: better bus service; more sidewalks, bikeways, and greenways; and less congestion on safer, well-maintained roads,” said Mayor John Cooper. “The people of Nashville helped us create a right-sized, people-first transportation plan, and NDOT is going to deliver it.”

The department will host a number of transportation-related right-of-way functions including: road maintenance, traffic signal management, paving, sidewalk construction and maintenance, bikeway construction and maintenance, bridges, capital roadway improvements, stops signs, pavement markings, parking, and permitting. Designs are currently being drawn up for a traffic management centre (TMC) for modernising traffic signal management.

 “TDOT is excited about enhancing our partnership with NDOT,” said Commissioner Clay Bright. “We look forward to working closely with Nashville on local land use decisions and community visions as it would pertain to a more effective statewide transportation system. This city’s growth requires a focused approach to addressing transportation challenges, and our success in addressing these challenges relies on both local and state-led solutions.”

The city expects that the creation of the independent local transportation department will provide multiple advantages: efficiency, sustained focus, and accountability

“Nashville’s success as a city is reliant on a smart, future-oriented and performance-oriented department of transportation,” added Faye DiMassimo, interim director, NDOT. “As an economic hub for Middle Tennessee, it is incumbent upon Nashville to address the transportation challenges we face and be accountable to the residents of the city.”