MINILOOP Pipeline Would Enable All-Weather, Zero-Emissions Travel

Richard’s Architecture + Design recently unveiled the MINILOOP proposal for Southern California – an elevated pipeline system that could include an enclosed cycleway for bicycles and e-bikes for year round, all weather, zero-emissions travel. The MINILOOP can be custom tailored to the needs of cities around the world, and its structure adjusted to accommodate different climates – from an open-air design for temperate climates to a more insulated design for places with extreme weather.

As the firm states: “MINILOOP helps create less traffic and pollution simultaneously; by both taking more conventional motor vehicles off the road and giving more vertical space to grow plants to further filter the air. It also minimizes traffic and cycling incidents, creating safer environments for families and commuters.”

Envisioned as the “ideal zero-emission transportation system,” the cycle path would harness renewable energy for electric charging stations and electric bicycle rentals and also supply its excess power to the local city grid. These renewable energy platforms could also be customized to each MINILOOP location around the world depending on what renewable energy resources are readily available and most cost-effective.

“We are very excited to bring this innovated masterpiece to life, as the people and cities of the world are hungry for novelty and sustainability in our daily commute. MINILOOP systems offer unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize how we travel in our day-to-day lives, while taking care of our community, city, and planet,” says Kyle Hubert, a partner of R A+D.