Milton Keynes, England Invests In Six-Month AI Training Program

As part of its COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan, the town council of Milton Keynes (MK) in England is investing £20,000 (~$26,700 US) in a six-month artificial intelligence (AI) training program.

MKAI – a local AI network – will head up the training which will include six interactive conferences featuring case studies of real-world problems and the business opportunities presented by AI. The program will also include machine learning coding challenges intended to equip participants with skills to build basic AI models.

“The appetite for digital skills, particularly in data science is growing significantly in Milton Keynes,” added Richard Foster-Fletcher, founder of MKAI. “With MK:U [new model university] launching this decade and the vision for Milton Keynes to be a leading smart city and a magnet for ambitious tech companies, there is no better place to be building an artificial intelligence community.”

The council’s £2.25M Economic Recovery Plan will fund further projects, including the creation of a “Wonder Lab” for tech entrepreneurs. It is also funding an MKAI review showcasing the city as a prime location for jobs and investment in the digital, AI, and robotics sectors. The main aims of the plan include:

  • Transition to a greener economy that prioritizes inclusive growth and reduces poverty and inequality;
  • Support businesses and attract investment in MK;
  • Retain high levels of employment and reduce unemployment;
  • Provide practical help and support to those in need; and
  • Deliver a financially sustainable Milton Keynes Council.

“The sessions will provide invaluable insight for those interested in the sector and put our city in good stead as we continue our work to establish MK as a real smart city of the future,” said Peter Marland, leader of the MK Council.