Los Angelos, CA Prepares City For Possible Weather Events

The Controller’s office of the city of Los Angeles, CA recently published a new webpage, “Get Ready, L.A.,” which features an overview of types of natural disasters and severe weather events that the city may face. The page contains historical data; dynamic maps displaying current information regarding emergency situations – such as heat waves, wildfires, earthquakes. and floods; and resources designed to help prepare people for such events. 

The page also contains maps covering: cooling centers that can offer residents relief during heat waves; the U.S. Forest Service’s Wildfire Hazard Potential index; areas of Los Angeles exposed to wildfire risk and those that have seen the most blazes historically; bodies of water and local water infrastructure –  including dams, debris basins and reservoirs-  which can overflow or fail during heavy rains; and “Shake maps” that show where past earthquakes have had greatest effect.

Links to outside resources include a guide of what to do during an earthquake and the “MyShake” app, which is designed to provide users early warnings of earthquakes.

“As climate change continues to impact weather patterns, the question isn’t, ‘Will I ever need to prepare for an unexpected crisis,’ but ‘when will it happen,’” said Controller Ron Galperin. “With Emergency Preparedness Month coming to an end, I want to remind all Angelenos that they can take measures today to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities by getting ready for unexpected natural disasters.”

Galperin recommends that residents follow this checklist:

  • Make a Plan – use the resources provided by the Red Cross and Los Angeles Fire Department to create an emergency plan with your family so you are ready to respond;
  • Assemble Emergency Kits – get a list of supplies necessary to prepare emergency kits for home, work and personal vehicles, including financial materials, medication, and pet supplies;
  • Sign up for Alerts – receive critical information when disaster strikes, locally through NotifyLA and before earthquakes happen with the MyShake app; and
  • Explore Local Resources – connect with emergency preparedness efforts in Los Angeles, including the City’s Emergency Management Department and its Ready Your L.A. Neighborhood community resources.