Lisbon Announces Research Portal, Facilitates Access To Urban Research and Innovation

Lisbon cityscape panorama Alfama Portugal, beautiful European city summer, colored houses roofs

The city of Lisbon, Portugal recently announced the launch of a research portal to facilitate access to urban research and innovations for fellow METREX members. Metrex is the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas and includes approximately 50 of the continent’s largest urban areas. (Europe has about 120 areas that can be considered metropolitan.) The organization is dedicated to promoting the interests of these cities and to providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and experience on metropolitan affairs, and joint action on issues of common interest.

The portal is designed to help metropolitan areas and large cities have quick access to the latest research in science so that they can consider introducing the new measures and better work towards meeting the requirements for the EU’s Green Deal. The EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050, and the Green Deal is an action plan to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy while also restoring biodiversity and cutting pollution. The portal will also allow members to easily identify researchers for new questions that arise and to find new partners for projects and research grant applications.

The information included comes from member cities, and from the centers and universities who also belong to the organization. It is hoped that this will lead to creating a committed network of experts working on innovative solutions to achieving the climate neutrality goals of the continent.  The portal also serves to systematize and centralize the information in one repository or a digital library.