Joint Security Operations Center In Brooklyn Will Serve New York State Cybersecurity Needs

New York state has opened the Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC) in Brooklyn which will serve as an operations center for state and local cybersecurity needs. JSOC will serve New York state’s hundreds of municipalities by providing assistance in defending themselves from criminal threats, such as ransomware attacks. It will also serve the private sector and state’s critical infrastructure operators, including the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the New York Power Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

“We can’t expect cities and counties to go it alone,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “By collaborating and sharing one space we’re going to be able to respond to any attacks as well as prevent them.” 

JSOC will be staffed primarily by employees of New York City Cyber Command  (NYC3), along with federal and state officials and representatives from city and county governments from around the rest of the state. New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently signed an executive order requiring all municipal agencies to appoint a “cyber liaison” to work with NYC3 by sharing information, monitoring threats, and adopting best practices around cyber security.

Under the leadership of the New York City Chief Technology Officer Matthew Fraser, JSOC will seek partnerships with local educational institutions to develop a cyber curriculum and strengthen the talent pipeline to connect graduates with jobs in public and private sectors.

“In this modern era of intensifying cyberattacks on municipalities and critical infrastructure, the creation of this Joint Security Operations Center marks a transformational moment for cybersecurity in New York State — one that has the potential to make us the most cyber-resilient state in the nation,” said Fraser. “It’s a prime example of Mayor Adams’ unparalleled commitment to leveraging technology to ‘Get Stuff Done’ for New Yorkers — in this case, improving their safety and well-being — and a tribute to Governor Hochul’s prioritization and investment in New York’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Thanks to their leadership and vision, this center will erect a formidable shield around the state’s cyber perimeter, and 20 million New Yorkers will be the beneficiaries.”