Jersey City Will Install 30 Bike Lockers, Create Network of Secure Bike Parking

Jersey City, NJ is working with the Brooklyn-based civic startup, Oonee to install up to 30 protected bike lockers with the goal of creating the country’s first holistic network of secure bike parking. According to the Jersey City Bicycle Master Plan, the”threat of bike theft and the lack of adequate and safe places to lock up a bike are substantial deterrents for those in Jersey City wishing to cycle more.”

Oonee will provide its modular, customizable pods to provide secure parking for scooters and bicycles. Oonee pods offer spots for 20 bicycles and scooters on a first-come, first-served basis. The pods are accessed with a coded keycard or cellphone app, and Oonee provides each user with insurance to cover the appreciated value of their bike. 

These can double as public space amenities, such as bus shelters where required. The pods come in different colors and sizes, adapt to different spaces, and offer options for branding opportunities directly on the pod. The stations can also provide seating, benches, and greenery, making it visually appealing as well. 

The pod installations will be “integrated with other sustainable modes,” Barkha Patel, Jersey City director of transportation planning, said. The lockers will be installed near transit stops and areas where public events are held.

“This will help us create a culture where people are willing to leave the car at home for a day because they know they can get around on more appealing options,” Patel said.

In 2020, Jersey City began its plan to install protected bike lanes throughout the city, using parked cars, curbs, planters, and bollards to separate cyclists from passing traffic. To date, 6.7 miles (~10.8 km) of protected bike lanes have been completed with an additional 2.7 miles (~4.35 km) planned. According to the City, the average daily bike usage for the currently protected lanes is approximately 2,225 bikes.