Jacksonville Transportation Authority and Go Tuk’n Inc Offer Tuk Tuk Shuttle Service

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) in Florida has partnered with tour, private event, and urban transportation company, Go Tuk’n Inc. to offer a new shuttle service. The program will provide stop-to-stop paid shuttle service in three neighborhoods using both 14-passenger buses and Tuk Tuks – small, electric, open-air type vehicles accommodating about six passengers.

“This on-demand service started in July and supplements our other transportation services like fixed-routes,” said David Cawton II, communications director for the JTA. “It does not replace other services, it simply provides customers in downtown Jacksonville with a different mobility option during the lunchtime and weekend evening hours in some of the city’s popular dining districts near Downtown like Riverside, Five Points, Brooklyn and LaVilla.”

Riders will be able to reserve and pay for the services through a new mobile app or can pay with a credit or debit card during the ride.

Stephanie Dale, Chief Tuk’n Officer of Go Tuk’n, Inc. said, “This is the next step in the evolution of our business plan and we are so excited to see it come to life. We are passionate about supporting the urban core areas of Jacksonville and believe the Tuk’n Ride program will be one way to help our community grow and thrive. Supporting area restaurants and other businesses is a starting point and we expect to expand services to other neighborhoods in the near future.”

The Tuk Tuk vehicles have proven popular as they offer an open-air riding experience, which addresses some COVID-19 concerns.

“This partnership was in the works before COVID-19, so our choice to partner with them was not based on the pandemic, although we understand how someone could connect the two given the timing of the service launch,” said Cawton. “There should be no apprehension to riding public transportation in Jacksonville.”