Insights from Raleigh’s Smart City Manager on Regional Collaboration

In the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge and innovation, we are dedicated to exploring the strategic planning and connectivity of smart cities at a regional level. This involves seeking innovative solutions to address the complex challenges that arise when implementing smart city initiatives across multiple jurisdictions.

Michael Suarez, Marketing Communication Specialist for Smart Cities Connect Media and Research had the privilege of interviewing John Holden, the Smart City Manager of Raleigh, NC. During our conversation, he shared insights into the common obstacles faced when coordinating smart city projects across various administrative boundaries. Listen in to learn more about the strategies and tactics that Smart City Managers use to facilitate the collaboration of regional leaders in building smarter cities.

Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo is coming to Raleigh in the Spring of 2024. Find out what John has to say about things to look forward to when visiting. As always, city leaders attend for free.  Register today!