Ingenu Expands to Albuquerque, Partners with Innovate ABQ

Ingenu Inc., a San Diego-based company that develops large-scale wireless machine connectivity, recently announced it is expanding its Machine Network services to several Southwest areas, including New Mexico. The city of Albuquerque and Innovate ABQ will be using the technology to maintain their computers and other electronics on an exclusive, private wireless connection using a low-power, long-range method dubbed ‘Random Phase Multiple Access.’  This information systems can help create smart citie” by automating operations like around-the-clock monitoring of water leaks and parking meters.  Innovate ABQ is a premier innovation district for researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs focused on developing smart solutions to improve city services such as transportation, parking and waste management.

“The IoT has limitless possibilities, but an excellent example from a city standpoint would be for a street lighting application,” said Ingenu spokeswoman Kirsten Gavin. “With a ‘smart street lighting’ solution powered by an IoT network such as RPMA, cities can significantly reduce power consumption, increase safety, reduce CO2 emissions and save millions of dollars over the decades of battery life the low-power network affords the street light endpoint.”

“Continued advancements in IoT technology are significantly enhancing the delivery of services to our community,” said Peter Ambs, CIO, City of Albuquerque. “We welcome companies like Ingenu that offer compelling technology solutions for improving the way we manage and operate as a city. The Innovate ABQ district will greatly benefit from the addition of the Machine Network as it will drive development in the area’s research and commercial labs, science and technology companies and commercial and retail businesses.”