IBM Watson Shares New IoT Offerings

Watson – IBM’s technology platform that combines data analysis and artificial intelligence – received a big boost this month with the announcement of a $200 million investment in its Munich headquarters. With a total worldwide investment in Watson at over $3 billion, IBM intends to combine its artificial intelligence research with IoT.

The Munich facility will focus on new IoT capabilities around Blockchain, security, and natural language interface APIs – as well as supporting their over 6,000 clients who are using Watson IoT solutions and services.

A number of new Watson IoT offerings have been announced:

Natural language interface, meaning developers will be able to  design new voice interfaces that can be integrated into devices in a number of ways. Clients are currently using this technology in self-driving cars, hospital rooms, etc.

Security Solutions & Services — The Watson IoT Platform will provide tighter security measures, such as personalized alerts and automatic operational responses.

Watson IoT and Blockchain — IoT data can be securely shared in a private blockchain, thus reducing costs in tracking and monitoring business and governmental transactions.

An example of potential future usage in Smart Cities is demonstrated by Netherlands company, Aerialtronics, who recently announced the first commercial drones using IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence. The drones are capable of  analyzing and identifying potential hazards to telecommunications service – such as loose or frayed cabling and damaged equipment – enabling a proactive response.