IBM Global Entrepreneur Program Names 10 Transformative Startups In India

IBM Global Entrepreneur program connects startups to IBM’s network of clients, partners, business leaders, and  technology. The program recently cited 10 innovative startups that are building solutions to promote the creation of smart cities in India:

Zippr, the winner of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Challenge, replaces a traditional door number with a unique digital ID shared and referenced for personal, commercial, and emergency interactions. The system is implemented across India.

WeDoSky uses drones for aerial shoots providing information that can be used to monitor the infrastructure of utility systems, such as power lines and solar panels. It’s Smart Unmanned Aerial Systems, in combination with its mapping software, can aid in urban planning by providing data to planners with regards to rainwater harvesting, road traffic management, flood management, and housing projects.

Get My Parking technology is a suite of applications and services that connect the parking system – suppliers, parking management, government, and the consumers.

Oizom’s “Polludrone” is a solar-powered environmental monitor using IoT technology to measure particulates, toxicity, odor, radiation, light, noise etc. on real-time basis.

Flamencotech designs intelligent digital infrastructure solutions that function as the command and control center for smart cities.

TartanSense uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to gather intelligence used to assess crop stresses so that farmers can make precise decisions on where to irrigate and fertilize, thus increasing yields and profit margins.

LoudCell is a fuel and energy monitoring platform for grid, solar, and diesel generators that helps eliminate energy waste. Its IoT technology uses sensors and remote hardware to provide analytics, alerts, and reports in a single dashboard.

Esyasoft provides meter data management, smart grid analysis, and energy accounting to aid in the development of a smart grid.

Quenext integrates data from multiple data sources in order to generate both real time and near term forecasts of load and availability across energy grids. This enables utility operators to better manage demand/response and avoid energy outages.

FlyBird Farm Innovations developed a low cost irrigation controller for farmers to irrigate water as per crop needs and improve crop yields by precise irrigation. The data provided by the sensors will improve the crop production and help save water, electric power, time and money for farmers.