Genoa, Italy and Partners Co-Sign On Intent To Promote Use of Space Data To Accelerate Sustainability, Quality of Life

The Municipality of Genoa in Italy, the European Space Agency (ESA), and Enel Italia have signed a Memorandum of Intent that focuses on promoting the development of applications that use space data to accelerate green innovation and improve the quality of life of citizens through sustainable economic development.

“We are proud that Genoa has been chosen as the pilot city for this project,” saidMayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci. “Every action that encourages innovation and improves the quality of life is essential for the city of the future. This memorandum represents an important opportunity for collaboration between the Municipality of Genoa, Enel and the European Space Agency. The coming together of these three different entities will make it possible to merge skills and visions for the achievement of common objectives. I thank Enel and ESA for choosing Genoa as the first city in Italy to implement a project of this type, a decision that honors us. With today’s signature we are starting an exciting journey that will open up new horizons of growth and development.”

It’s expected that the space-based solutions will be used within the blue economy, smart mobility, and green port and infrastructure development sectors. One of the first proposed projects is the optimisation of renewable energy using space data to be implemented with the municipality of Genoa acting as the pilot city.

Nicola Lanzetta, director of Enel Italia, stated: “The company is strongly committed to the development of renewable energy sources and is always looking for new environmentally friendly technologies. Our contribution, combined with knowledge of the area, technological innovations and the experience of other stakeholders, will bring undoubted benefits to the city of Genoa and its regional waters, as well as shared value for all stakeholders.”