Fort Collins, CO Sets Goal for Electric Vehicle Sales

The city of Fort Collins, CO has set the goal of having electric vehicles (EV’s) making up half of new vehicle sales by 2030 – about 116,000 electric vehicles. Currently, about 620 electric vehicles were registered in Fort Collins in 2018. The city is taking steps to strongly encourage the use of EV’s.

“With all the planning we do to encourage sustainable transportation, we can’t mandate it,” Fort Collins transportation planner Amanda Mansfield said. “We can’t force people to do anything.”

Thirteen municipal departments are involved in reaching the goal, working from their “Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap” which outlines over 20 strategies, including special electricity rates for EV drivers, an electrified city fleet, and electric rideshares.

The Roadmap was created with the following objectives in mind:

  • To increase EV use in Fort Collins by providing the clarity and direction needed to advance Fort Collins to the next level of EV adoption;
  • To help Fort Collins achieve its 2015 Climate Action Plan goals by reducing the carbon emissions and local air quality impacts of vehicles used within the city; and,
  • To inform and align with ongoing planning efforts, including the ongoing City Plan and Transportation Master Plan update, and the upcoming analyses of the electric grid distribution system planned by Fort Collins Utilities.

The State of Colorado currently offers a $5,000 tax credit for electric passenger vehicles, and the federal tax credit is worth up to $7,500. City staff are considering making electric vehicles exempt from city sales tax or devoting the sales tax to EV charging projects and working with local businesses to offer more affordable leasing and interest rates for low-income residents. The city is also considering exempting the fastest type of EV charger from time-of-use electricity rates and creating a pilot program for discounted time-of-use electricity rates for EV owners.