Footprint Project Partners With Schneider Electric To Deploy Microgrids Communities In Crisis

Photo from Footprint Project website

Footprint Project, a Minnesota-based non-profit organization which provides rapidly deployable clean energy for communities in crisis, now has a new strategic partner – Schneider Electric. The Schneider Electric partnership will provide the nonprofit with funds, time, equipment, and storage space, allowing Footprint Project to mobilize in new areas.

Footprint Project is known for quickly deploying mobile solar-based or battery powered microgrids during disasters. For example, the organization provided solar to power mobile communication and remote charging needs for emergency workers during this year’s Winter Storm Uri in Texas, built a solar microgrid for a COVID-19 clinic at a camp of about 3,000 asylum seekers near the Mexico/US border, and helped power shelter and communications operations created to address California wildfires. Since its founding, the organization has deployed 45+ kw of mobile solar and 170+ kWh of mobile battery storage to more than ten disaster response and recovery missions – providing emergency clean power access to more than 14,000 U.S. residents.

“Schneider Electric is committed to working with strategic partners who better our community. Footprint Project is the perfect partner to help us bring environmentally and financially sustainable mobile microgrids to communities that need it most,” said Tom Pitts, Safety and Environment Director of Sustainable Development for Schneider Electric. “As disasters continue to impact people around the world, our hope is that by building communities back greener, we can create long-term resilient solutions to give a sense of relief to those reeling from the unexpected.”

Schneider Electric has already donated $50,000 US to Footprint Project and will be donating a solar photovoltaic inverter for a solar trailer to be used in Tennessee. Schneider employees intend to volunteer hours to the Tennessee project.  Schneider also plans to help with fixing and maintaining additional trailers owned by the Footprint Project, store them at various Schneider facilities, and pre-stage them for natural disasters out of the normal impact zones. The two organizations plan to develop a standardized fleet of equipment that can be offered and maintained in crisis as well as during blue sky events.

“We are thrilled to be working with Schneider Electric to provide solutions for those in critical need. Through their dedication of funds, time, equipment, and storage space, we will be able to mobilize in new areas and help reach more people in need when disaster strikes, while providing cleaner, resilient solutions,” said Will Heegaard, Founder and Operations Director for Footprint Project.