EVgo and Maven Install Network of EV Fast Charging Hubs in Los Angeles

LA-based EVgo – a public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network – and Maven – General Motors’ car sharing platform – have recently installed a network of EV fast charging hubs in the city of Los Angeles that feature both public and dedicated fast chargers for Maven Gig’s shared-use vehicles. Maven Gig is a mobile app that provides freelance drivers the ability to reserve cars.

“For nearly 10 years, EVgo has been committed to electric charging for all,” said Cathy Zoi, chief executive officer of EVgo. “Our new network of public-ride-share fast charging hubs in Los Angeles is the first of its kind and will make charging quick and easy for Maven Gig members, while helping to improve access for all EV drivers across the city.”

This first local network will be deployed in three locations across the city. The charging hub located at Venice Crossroads features a total of nine 50 kW EV DC fast chargers (DCFC), including seven dedicated for Maven Gig members and two chargers available for all EV drivers.

“Los Angeles is a testing ground for the latest innovations in zero-emissions technology – and a proving ground for how electric vehicles can be the bedrock of a cleaner transportation network,” said Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles’ mayor. “Angelenos are ready to build a more sustainable future, and these fast-charging hubs will make plugging in and powering up an EV more practical for drivers and ride-share companies alike.”

“For more than two years, the Maven Gig EV fleet has generated over 43 million miles, including over 15 million miles in Los Angeles,” added Alex Keros, Maven’s smart city chief. “Through our partnership with EVgo, we are helping to create collaborative models to advance EV charging infrastructure for both our members and the public.”