Dublin, Ireland Uses Augmented Reality To Bring Back History

Dublin, Ireland recently introduced a series of new Augmented Reality (AR) apps to enhance visitors’ experiences around the city. As part of the Dublin Discovery Trails, ‘Doors into Docklands’ will bring back the history of the historic Docklands area. The project was funded by the City Council of Dublin and Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority.

The app will merge the old with the new, allowing visitors to relive specific points in time that are considered significant to the development of the city and Ireland as a country. The city hopes that by digitalising tourism it will encourage people to conduct self-guided tours, improve the flow of people in the Docklands area, free up staff, and also encourage visitors to stay longer and have a more enriching experience.  The ‘Doors Into Docklands’ trail has three options to explore: the main route (3.75km), an extended route (4.75km), and an accessible extended route (5km).

‘Doors into Docklands’ will use a combination of geo-locked points, maps, 3D graphics, animations and storytelling to re-create history. While on the trail, people can witness ‘history come to life’ with a 360-degree view of the Custom House fires blazing in 1921, the Scherzer Bridges in 2D animation, and Guinness barges sailing down the river. The app also offers AR characters retelling stories and anecdotes about the Docklands.

According to a statement from the city, developing the Docklands is just the first step in using technology to enhance visitor experience throughout the cit.

Paul Keeley, Director of Regional Development at Fáilte Ireland was quoted in a press statement, explaining that the tourists of today are looking for more and more unique ways to experience a destination, its heritage and history.