Dublin City Council Introduces a 5-Year Crowdfunding Partnership for Community-Led Initiatives

The City Council of Dublin, Ireland has introduced a five-year Crowdfund Dublin City Partnership to help its residents access funding for community-led initiatives. Projects to be funded under the new program could include: supporting sustainable communities; reducing carbon emissions; improving the health and wellbeing of communities; promoting social inclusion and diversity; creating a vibrant cultural life; and enhancing green spaces. 

The city has partnered with Spacehive, a community fundraising platform, to help run the program. Spacehive will assist project creators with crowdfunding, along with online workshops and one-to-one support and resources. Dublin’s City Council will provide an annual €300,000 (~USD$316,000) fund to support the community-led projects. Community groups, social enterprises, and individuals with community support could potentially receive a pledge of up to 50% of their crowdfunding target, capped at €5,000. This contribution from Dublin City Council is pledged directly into the crowdfunding campaign alongside contributions from the community. Private companies are not eligible for this fund, and the new funding will be allocated to services not already provided by Dublin City Council. . 

Residents of Dublin are invited to submit projects for up to €5,000 in funding from the Crowdfund Dublin City program by clicking on the link: Crowdfund DublinCity | Dublin City Council. The deadline to upload to the Spacehive platform is November 29th, 2023.