City of London Releases Toolkit and Online Dashboard for Borough Alignment

The City of London’s Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) – in partnership with the pro-bono municipal consulting service, Bloomberg Associates – has released a new toolkit and online dashboard that will help the city’s 32 boroughs align and coordinate technology contracts and tools.

The “City Tools: London” dashboard showcases 809 IT systems and their contracts used across all the borough governments – as well as skill levels for peer training opportunities. Under London’s government structure, each borough is responsible for its own contracts and municipal services, making it difficult to coordinate city-wide. The dashboard will serve as a starting point to enable possible collaborations between local authorities, identify opportunities for new entrants and innovators into the government technology market, and drive cost savings by coordinating contracts and leveraging boroughs’ collective bargaining power.

The development of City Tools: London was a collaborative effort led by Bloomberg Associates in partnership with LOTI, and with support from the Greater London Authority, and London Councils. Eden Smith Group, a data transformation company, created the City Tools: London interactive dashboard.

“All London boroughs care deeply about providing amazing services for their residents. To do that, they need to have great technology and strong relationships with the best suppliers,” said Eddie Copeland, director of the London Office of Technology and Innovation. “Thanks to City Tools: London, boroughs will now have much richer information about how their technology compares to their peers’, making it easier to share their knowledge and expertise with each other, and look for areas where they can work together.”