Charlotte County, Florida Uses AI To Process E-Filings

The Charlotte County Clerk’s Office in Florida is now using artificial intelligence to process e-filings. It is using Intellidact AI – a suite of applications that expedites document processing and identity protection.

When e-filings are received at the clerk’s office, Intellidact AI inspects the filings for errors and – if there is nothing to be corrected by the filer – automatically locates and extracts the necessary filing data from the documents. If any filing is in question, it is routed for manual review for staff to decide any necessary actions. Modifications made by the staff are added to the system’s AI knowledge base so it can automatically adapt and increase its knowledge.

“AI will enhance the already great work our clerks do on a daily basis, and allow them to be even more efficient than they already are,” Clerk of Court Roger Eaton said. “In my five years as clerk, I have implemented innovative technologies which have made our office more efficient while simultaneously saving taxpayers over $1.5 million since 2016. This program is expected to provide similar results.”

The program cost $77,000 and is expected to allow the clerk’s office to process e-filings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“We are an incredibly busy office — there’s never a shortage of work for our staff,” Eaton said. “Implementing this technology will allow our clerks to spend more time focused in court proceedings, redacting sensitive documents, and will make more clerks available at customer service windows and on telephone lines which serve our citizens directly.”