Center for Innovative Technology Announces 4 Test Bed Contracts

The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in Virginia has announced that four contracts have been issued to build Stafford’s technology test bed. The public-private partnership will develop the state’s first ground-up “smart community.” The test bed will focus on Internet of Things (IoT) device security to help prevent community ransomware attacks, and protect the privacy of citizens, while providing critical data to help the county improve operations and services.

The companies which received the contracts are:

  • OST Global – OST will leverage its smart technology experience in areas such as waste management, smart poles, intelligent traffic management, CCTV/video analytics, smart parking, and energy management to create a hub of integrated smart technologies that promotes efficiency, public safety, and sustainability, while saving energy and reducing costs;
  • Mutualink – will provide an interoperability system enabling sharing radio, voice, video & data for cross-agency collaboration;
  • Onclave Networks – using the product platform, Secure IoT, to protect all Operational Technologies (OT); and,
  • Aer Wireless (Connectivity) – will  use its MagiNet™ Data Pipelines to provide phone and internet access availability.

“Security and privacy are a critical foundation for building sustainable smart communities. We are excited to see this groundbreaking project kick off today with the support of our technology partners,” said John Holden, director of Stafford Economic Development and Tourism. “The test bed illustrates our commitment to public-private partnerships, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Stafford and provides a unique opportunity for Downtown Stafford to be the model for smart cities across the Commonwealth.”

The project is expected to be implemented in six weeks and is funded through investments from the Department of Homeland Security and Virginia Smart Community initiatives.