Boulder AI Creates Safer Traffic Crossings for Pedestrians

Boulder AI – a visual intelligence company – is partnering with the city of Denver, CO to install an artificial intelligence (AI) platform at traffic crossings in the city. The goal is to create safer traffic crossings for pedestrians.

The AI driven platform makes decisions based on traffic flow analytics and pedestrian behavior to inform real-time interventions. Using a series of cameras, it monitors the movement of  pedestrians, bikes, etc., assigns speed vectors, and predicts trajectories to determine pedestrians’ intent to cross. In as little as 10 milliseconds it can then respond to this prediction to adjust the timing at the crosswalk.

“Boulder AI’s groundbreaking visual IoT platform provides a way to make our pedestrians safer while maintaining the privacy of our citizens,” stated Michael Finochio, engineering manager for the City and County of Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. “The Boulder AI system doesn’t capture or transmit any video of our residents and visitors, but only reacts to their motion to assure their safety in and around traffic. This way we have safety and privacy at the same time.”

The City has received a federal grant from the “Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program” (ATCMTD) to address traffic congestion and safety and is using these funds for the project.

“We’re providing the City of Denver with technology solutions that meet their transportation and congestion management needs,” said Patrick Reilly, vice president of global sales for Boulder AI. “We’re excited that the City found Boulder AI to be the most accurate artificial intelligence IoT edge device to integrate into their smart city planning.”