Boston, MA Announces Coastal Resilience Plan

The City of Boston, MA recently announced the completion of its ‘Coastal Resilience Solutions for East Boston and Charlestown (Phase II)’. Phase II is a framework for better understanding coastal flood risk, the options for coastal resilience solutions, and timelines for implementation of those solutions for parts of East Boston and Charlestown’s coastlines. The report has also developed coastal resilience plans for all 47 miles (~ 75 km) of Boston’s coastline. Phase II is a critical component of Climate Ready Boston – the city’s initiative to prepare for the near- and long-term effects of climate change.

“East Boston and Charlestown are two of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods to flooding and sea-level rise due to climate change,” added Gabriela Coletta, District 1 city councillor. “We have to act with urgency to fortify our waterfront and deploy nature-based solutions in order to protect the resiliency of our coastline and our people. The completion of this report provides a necessary climate adaptation framework that will keep our waterfront resilient, inclusive, and accessible for future generations.”

The plan evaluated coastal flood risk in the communities and identified flood protection strategies to reduce flood risk. The plan focused specifically on how to respond to the effects of coastal flooding from sea-level rise and storm surge, while also providing additional benefits such as greening the city and improving the quality of life for its residents.

“Climate adaptation presents an opportunity to create a resilient, climate-ready waterfront that advances priorities for open space, mobility, affordable housing, social and racial equity, and natural resource conservation,” said Michelle Wu, mayor. “This report lays out a community-driven vision for Boston’s coastline to be resilient, accessible, and protected.”