Boston Appoints First Chief Information Security Officer

Gregory McCarthy has been appointed the City of Boston’s first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). McCarthy will lead the Cybersecurity Team within the Department of Innovation and Technology. As CISO, McCarthy will continue to lead efforts to strengthen cybersecurity across the city by modernizing technology, forming partnerships, and implementing training.

Boston Mayor Walsh said the appointment “marks a commitment to strengthening efforts to protect the City of Boston’s technology platforms and data from cyber threats”.

“Cybersecurity is something we clearly have to take seriously, and there are always new challenges ahead; a humbling reminder that our work in this field is never done,” said McCarthy. “It is an honor to be in this position for the City of Boston, and to have the opportunity to lead the city into a new chapter of maturity in how we protect our systems, data, and constituents.”

Mayor Walsh also announced the appointment of Stefanie Costa Leabo as the city’s new Chief Data Officer (CDO), to lead the analytics team within the Department of Innovation and Technology. Costa Leabo will lead the city’s efforts to use data to solve challenges and increase efficiency. Previously, as a member of the analytics team, Costa Leabo led the development and release of Mayor Walsh’s CityScore initiative, which aggregates key performance metrics to inform the Mayor and city managers about the overall health of the city at a glance.

“It’s an honor to take this position with the City. I’ve had the privilege of helping to shape the growth and development of this team since 2015,” Costa Leabo said. “ I look forward to furthering the mission of my Department; to improve the lives of people who live and work in Boston through the use of data.”