Boston and Verizon Expand Partnership on Wireless and Fiber Optic Networks

The City of Boston and Verizon are expanding their partnership on wireless and fiber optic networks in the city and collaboration on additional smart city projects.

Under a new 10-year agreement, Verizon’s wireless small cell network will be expanded to boost network speed and capacity to its existing 4G LTE network in the city and prepare for the future implementation of 5G services in Boston. The city will provide Verizon with a streamlined permitting process for the installation of new small cells, while Verizon will provide a range of Verizon’s “Smart Communities” products and services.

“Our partnership with Verizon reflects one goal: to make sure all of Boston’s residents have access to the most advanced digital technology both now, and in the future,” Boston mayor Walsh said in a statement. “We’re making sure Boston is the best digital city in the nation, and through partnerships with companies like Verizon, residents will have better, more affordable options, as we work together to create inclusive growth for our city.”

Verizon recently announced that it is furthering its plans regarding the long-term lease of about 450,000 square feet for its technology workforce at The Hub on Causeway – which will include 16 floors of space, five of which are reserved for incubators, accelerators and partners. The company also announced that it would be contributing $1 million over an eight-year period to the Boston Digital Equity Fund, which helps provide affordable access to under-served residents.

“Together we’re creating a platform of innovation with the latest technology that will benefit Boston residents, businesses, universities, first responders and visitors for decades to come,” said Verizon chief technology officer Kyle Malady.