Bad Hersfeld, Germany Gets First Responders Responding Faster

The town of Bad Hersfeld in Germany recently announced a new traffic control project for first responders. The 2.28 million euro project was funded by the state government of Hessen, through its Starke Heimat Hessen (Strong Homeland Hessen) program.

The new smart city project will use data collected in real-time regarding the traffic concentration in the city. This data will then be used by first responders to better navigate through the city to get to an emergency location within a 10-minute time frame. It will accomplish this by integrating the city’s traffic light system with the first responders’ system so that it not only plots the shortest route, but also will be capable of controlling the traffic lights to create green corridors. In order to overcome the resulting traffic problems for other vehicles, anAI algorithm will be used that would then manage to restart traffic and fix any jams.

The project pilot will work with the local fire brigade and during the trial period experts will evaluate the effectiveness of the tool and whether a central traffic light control system needs to be integrated.

The State Government of Hessen hopes to encourage other municipalities to adopt some of Bad Harsfeld’s policies and build up a smart region. All the systems that the city develops to operate this first responders’ traffic tool will be freely available to other municipalities in the area.

Hessen Digital Minister Kristina Sinemus said,: “Modern digital technologies can literally help to save lives. Because every minute counts in rescue operations. Hessian municipalities will also benefit from it since busy streets in the city area are not just a problem in Bad Hersfeld.”