Athens, Greece Municipal Services Are Now Just A Click Away

Athens, Greece has completed its three-year program to make 100% of its municipal services available online. A total of 207 digital services are now available on the city’s platform.

The project was launched in February 2020 by the Development Agency for Computerisation of the Municipality of Athens (DAEM). Completing this project meant that the agency added a new service every five days over the course of 35 months.

“Athens is a pioneer in the national effort for digital transformation. In less than three years we have created a municipality of high technology and zero bureaucracy, responding effectively and directly to one of the greatest demands of our citizens,” said Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis. “Through digital Athens we ensure resources, efficiency, transparency and reduced environmental impact. Above all, however, we offer the possibility to Athenians to gain valuable time in their daily life.”

According to the DAEM, over 400 applications are now submitted electronically through the platform every day. In three years, more than 194,000 citizens and businesses have registered on the platform. Users can submit applications, request documents, make online payments, search for planning permits, pay taxes, and more.

“Technology is changing the municipality and the municipality is changing the lives of Athenians,” said Nikolaos Vafiadis, Athens’ Deputy Mayor of Digital Transition and Education. “With the digitisation of all the services of the Municipality of Athens, we fully achieve our goal, building better relationships with our citizens, and contributing at the same time to the greater efficiency and productivity of our municipality’s executives.”