Architectural Vision Creates Living, Breathing Sustainable City

Photo credit: Welcome to Heidelberg

Cities around the world are constantly re-engineering themselves. They’re improving and updating their connectivity, infrastructure (both technology and facility/public works) and energy consumption. They’re trying to become environmentally friendly while insuring commerce and citizen lifestyles co-exist comfortably amidst constant change.

Never have we had the opportunity or the technology to revitalize our cities as we can today. An excellent example is the passive house complex under construction in Heidelberg. This sustainable village, designed by Frey Architects, boasts several innovative features. The Village is entirely powered by renewable energy regulated by smart metering for 2,000 homes. This “living” village features solar modules that provide energy and shade, gardens that act as natural air purifiers and a very diverse community design encouraging the young as well as the old to live, work and relax together.

Sustainable architecture such as this is aesthetically pleasing, as well. Why did we design our cities excluding the beauty of nature and community fellowship? Many cities today struggle with resident retention — people have been moving out to planned developments and suburbs away from the city in an effort to improve their quality of life. If cities were refurbished and new cities designed in a similar fashion to Heidelberg Village, would this be an issue?

Heidelberg Village is truly remarkable. Read more about it here.