Amsterdam Holds Open Challenge, Seeks Safer Traffic Solutions

The city of Amsterdam and The Transport Authority Amsterdam are working with the Amsterdam Bike City Bicycle Innovation Lab (ABC) to hold their first open challenge seeking solutions to create a safer traffic situation for cyclists in the capital. The competition’s central theme – “Different speeds on bicycle paths” – asks how bike delivery services and differences in speed bicycle types could influence the behavior of road users. 

The theme addresses such topics as: 

  • the increase of bicycle delivery services, which often cross the city center at high speeds;
  • E-bike sales have increased by 30% and the average speed of e-bikes has increased as well; and,
  • how can these high speed bicyclists function alongside ‘normal’ bicycles, and how can congestion be alleviated? 

The ten best ideas will have the opportunity to present their solution to a jury consisting of five experts in the field of cycling, the academic field, the traffic safety field, and the innovation field. The jury will look for solutions that are relevant, innovative and original, will give a call to action, are feasible, and can demonstrate positive results. The winner will receive a €2,000 (~US$2,285) prize, development funding, and the chance to implement their plan.

Amsterdam is known as a cycling center, with almost 900,000 bikes, about 58% of the population using bikes regularly, and 767 km (~ 477 miles) of dedicated cycle paths and bike lanes.  The city has taken a number of steps to improve its cycling network, including: overhauling cycle paths; connecting cycle paths to eliminate bottlenecks and problem areas; creating attractive new cycle routes, called the ‘Green Network’; and providing cyclists with more room on popular routes.