AI-Enabled Scanning with Health Cam Makes Identifying Feverish Individuals Safer

Kogniz Health –  based in Silicon Valley, CA – has introduced an AI-enabled camera and software system that scans groups and crowds entering a facility and identifies anyone with an elevated temperature. It is designed to alert company personnel in real-time so that any individual with a fever can be isolated as needed.

The use of the system is intended to help organizations avoid the cost and risk of posting staff with handheld thermal devices at entrances to take individual temperatures. The health cams can be deployed at every entrance to an office, campus, or any public building on a desk or counter, mounted on a wall, or placed on a tripod.

The Health Cam has an integrated thermal camera, optical camera, and a high-resolution screen. It uses infrared technology to check the temperatures of passersby and displays the image of any person showing an elevated temperature. Kogniz claims the Health Cam can detect skin temperature up to 16 feet (~ 5 meters) away. The Health Cam uses advanced AI to detect a person’s temperature near their eyes to get the most accurate reading. Real-time alerts are sent over SMS, mobile push, and Slack. The live video stream – including temperature – is displayed on the Kogniz Health Cam display, and is available remotely in the Kogniz mobile app and web interface.

 “Companies want to keep their employees healthy and safe,” said Daniel Putterman, co-founder and co-CEO, Kogniz. “During a pandemic such as this one it is critical that organisations be able to quickly identify people who might be sick, and one way to do that is to detect fever. Handheld thermal guns are very expensive, labour-intensive, and create a bottleneck. We are able to provide temperature detection for high-flow environments so individuals with elevated temperature can be further checked.”