NTXIA and FBI Dallas Announce Collaboration to Educate North Texas Public, Private and Academic Sectors on Tackling Modern Threats

DALLAS, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — North Texas Innovation Alliance, a 501(c)3 regional consortium of over 40 municipalities, agencies, corporations and academic institutions across North Texas working to create the most connected, smart and resilient region in the country, and FBI Dallas announced their plans to develop a series of educational workshops and sessions to discuss the future of information and cybersecurity, threats to connected infrastructure, risk management strategies and other issues that could impact the North Texas region, a recognized and rapidly advancing hub of urban innovation. Themes will be directly driven by issues and questions elevated by the ecosystem and academic and research communities.

“By teaming up with the FBI, we aim to empower our members with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and mitigate the complexities of modern threats,” said Jennifer Sanders, Executive Director of NTXIA. “This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering a secure and resilient innovation ecosystem in North Texas. By engaging directly with the community, we can better understand local challenges and develop tailored solutions that ensure our cities and businesses thrive in a safe environment. This collaboration is particularly timely as North Texas continues to experience rapid technological growth, making risk management a top priority.”

The workshops will cover a range of critical topics, including safeguarding critical infrastructure, understanding the dual nature of AI as both an asset and a risk, cybersecurity and fraud prevention, digital literacy, corporate data and IP theft, combating misinformation and ensuring supply chain transparency. The FBI will share its perspective on major challenges to safeguarding intellectual property and provide advice on proactive measures across the public, private and academic sectors. The series will also highlight federal resources available to help prepare and protect communities and businesses against threats.

“Partnering with NTXIA allows us to extend our reach to critical segments of academia, public and private sector communities,” said FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge Chad Yarbrough. “Together, we can enhance the region’s defenses against a spectrum of threats, ensuring that North Texas has the tools and knowledge to remain a leader in innovation. This initiative comes at a pivotal moment, as the threats we face today are increasingly sophisticated. By working closely with local stakeholders, we aim to provide the necessary resources and knowledge to build resilience against both insider and foreign malign threats.”

The series kicked off on June 5 with the first workshop focusing on artificial intelligence and cyber security. Visit www.NTXIA.org to find out more about the series and to attend a workshop.

About the North Texas Innovation Alliance
The North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) is a 501(c)3 consortium of key cross-sector stakeholders working to develop and implement a smart region strategy for North Texas. The NTXIA is building the most connected, smart and resilient region in the country – bringing together government entities on all levels, transit agencies, utilities/infrastructure, public safety, educational institutions and some of the world’s top technology developers in the private sector to pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. The organization’s mission is to break down silos and drive the collaborative use of data, technology and community to address the most pressing topics and create solutions that will improve quality of life, drive inclusive economic development and promote resource efficiency. For more information, please visit www.NTXIA.org, or follow LinkedIn and Twitter

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