Exploring IoT Data: An Interview with SAS’s Global Manager on Flood Management and Real-Time Solutions

In this insightful interview hosted by Michael A. Suarez, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Smart Cities Connect Media and Research, viewers are invited to delve into the topic of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). Tyson Echentile, Global Manager for IoT Partner and Business Development at SAS, discusses the vast data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and how SAS collaborates with partners to create IoT solutions addressing real-world problems across various industries, including government, agriculture, energy, utilities, and healthcare.

Tyson highlights a significant partnership with Microsoft focusing on flood management. He explains how traditional engineering models are enhanced with modern technologies like sensor data, AI, machine learning, and digital twins to provide real-time flood prediction and preparedness. This approach allows for rapid data processing and actionable insights, crucial for anticipating and mitigating the impacts of flooding.

Tyson further elaborates on the competitive differentiators of SAS, emphasizing their ability to process data in real-time and create dynamic digital twins of environments. He discusses the integration of historical and real-time data, leveraging partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Intel to build robust, scalable, and secure solutions.

The interview underscores SAS’s methodical approach to research and development, focusing on creating effective models through a collaborative ecosystem, ultimately aiming to solve complex challenges like flooding more efficiently.