2021 Smart 50 Awards

Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, annually recognize global smart cities projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work.

Strong applicants will represent innovative projects with current or future municipal-scale impact and application. Applications should clarify their connection with a municipal or municipal-similar partner such as a county, region, campus, installation, base, or facility complex.

A fee of $300 is due for each application submitted, invoiced via email once your submission is received by our team, to qualify your entry. Entry fees support city leader travel to Smart Cities Connect events and are managed by Smart Cities Connect Foundation, a 501c6 nonprofit.

Finalists receive one (1) full registration waiver to Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo and (2) gala awards tickets.

Apply by Friday, April 23, 2021.

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